Paper Cut Outs & Paper Illustrations


  • Designed with paper and love!


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I love the trivial

Most of my work is a analog process

The handmade paper cut outs are made of colored paper. I use different knifes, scissors, paper cutter and glue to design them.

I could find inspiration for my next motif in a garden chair

I also make paper illustrations

Cutting the analogue paper digital with pencil on my pad.

I try to reduce everything to simple areas

My art meets clothes

Embroidered Caps, Hats and Beanies, Bags and Shirts just things that I love.

  • Single Originals signed by the artist



Open for collaborations and commissioned work. 

Thomas Mueller 

Rosi Feist Paper Cut Outs & Paper Illustrations

Gemeinschaftsstr. 29 
12489 Berlin


  • I have studied Media Art & Design at the Bauhaus University Weimar. I developed the most of my projects at the chair of Media, Trend & Public Appearance by the New York/Berlin artist Prof. Christine Hill.

  • I’m currently live in Berlin in a small wooden house with my wife, my little daughter and my dog.